Infographic of the Day: What Conversations are Heating Up, in Your Twitter Network?


People seem all to happy to declare Twitter the future of the Internet. But it has one glaring flaw: The interface, which collapses all those tweets into one overwhelming stream of words.

Mentionmap is one attempt to solve that problem. The tool allows you to visualize your Twitter network in real-time, showing which people are interacting the most, and thus alerting you to topics and conversations generating heat among the people you’re interested in hearing from.

The tool crunches all the people and hashtags being mentioned the most in your network. When one person mentions another, a line connects them; when multiple users are engaging in a cross-conversation, the results appear as a cluster. Hovering over the lines brings up detailed information about the subject. The thicker the line, the more frequent the number of cross mentions.

Tools like this are starting get some heat across various applications–, for example, allows you to visualize all your social networking content; this tool allows you see comment activity on Digg. But Mentionmap is the first tool we’ve seen that so elegantly tackles the Twitter interface problem. You hear that, Twitter? You guys working on something like this with all that VC cash that’s lining your pockets?

[Via the invaluable Infosthetics]