2010’s Greenest Gadgets: Picked By You and Inhabitat

As the clock ticks down to the third annual Greener Gadgets competition (judging is on February 25th in New York City, but you can vote online now), Inhabitat has announced their picks for the best new, green products in 2010. (These are in development, while the Greener Gadgets entries, including the wind-powered highway lights above, are only proposals.)

There’s this personal energy generator that works like a self-winding watch, generating power as it bounces around. They say you can even attach it to your bike or, for some reason, your kayak to charge up while you commute or, I don’t know, run rapids? Still, for $150, it’s a lot to ask for something that can’t charge a laptop.

The Chevy Volt makes their list too, just in time for the rumored announcement it’ll go into production November 1.

See the rest of Inhabitat’s picks, including Sony’s new green laptop, here.