Hints for Better Living From Your Office Supplies (NOT Clippy!)

Hints for Better Living

Who knew that paper clips and staples could teach such smart life lessons? Everyday objects you might find at your desk are the stars in Hints for Better Living, a short film by Los Angeles-based designer Mike Afsa, who also does work for companies like Chiat\Day and Quiksilver.

This is the second film by Afsa (see the first one here), who had a habit of playing with office supplies at his desk. He realized that the tools he used for graphic design could be used to spread a positive message. He created mini-PSAs inspired by the tools themselves: simple, playful and humorous. “Some of the ones I like most happened more spontaneously by restricting myself to a few random objects in front me and playing with them to make a simple problem and solution,” he tells us. “The unexpected outcomes were rewarding and I felt like this way of working was staying true to the message.” The soundtrack comes from Afsa’s own recordings and the music of Lullatone.

[44th Pl.]