Infographic of the Day: Your Computer Use, Visualized Like a Jackson Pollock

Anatoly Zenkov

There are lots of heat maps of Web sites, showing where people’s clicks and eyeballs go when they arrive at a page. But this is the first app we’ve seen that lets you build one for yourself. Designed by Anatoly Zenkov and available on a Mac or PC, it’s dead simple: You just run the app, minimize the window, and go about your business. The tracks show your mouse path, and the circles show where your pointer lingered–stopping points where you were working on the keyboard, away from the computer, or immersed in content.

You could almost use this as an ad-hoc tool for honing your site’s UI, since it allows you to see exactly how people are interacting with their screen. If only the the app could track which activity you were involved in–and color code accordingly–it would be kind of amazing.

But the current version still paints a pretty picture of the way you use the Web. As Flowing Data writes, “In the end, you get this image that looks something like a Pollock.”

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[Via Feltron and Flowing Data]