First Look: Front Finds Inspiration in Taxicab Seats

FRONT is the ABBA of the high-design world. They’re all four very comely Swedish ladies, though, and they’ve exploded since the group’s founding, just a couple years ago.

Their calling card? Extraordinarily high-tech, witty conceptualism–such as a chair that was designed with motion capture technology, while one of the ladies “drew” it in the air with a light; a soft seat made of fabric printed to be indistinguishable from wood; a collaboration with professional magicians on  cabinets that make objects seem to disappear; and a stunning cupboard whose decorative pattern continually changes.

We’ve now just gotten exclusive pictures of the design they’re going to presenting for Italian furniture maker Moroso, at the Milan Furniture Fair on April 14th.

The so-called Bead Work chair is made of thousands of hand stitched beads–high/lo riff that evokes haute couture gowns that take hundreds of hours to make; and also the humble beaded chair cushion that taxi drivers are so fond of.