Haiti Poster Project Bolsters Relief

Just days after the Haitian earthquake, a group of designers mobilized to create artwork about the devastation which could aid on-the-ground efforts. A few months and a few hundred designers later, the Haiti Poster Project launches today with over 300 pieces by artists and designers from all over the world, like Miki Iwasaki of mi-workshop in San Diego, California (above). These will be auctioned off, with all proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders.

Many posters, like that of Pentagram’s Justus Oehler, use the recognizable imagery of a seismometer reading.

Götz Gramlich of Germany used another graphic element that became familiar to us during the earthquake coverage: the satellite maps used to identify damaged buildings.

Band-Aids were another popular element employed to symbolize aid, like this poster by David Daniele. Doctors Without Borders should expect a fair amount of support: Organizers have set a goal to raise $1 million.

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