Infographic of the Day: Eating the Right Fish

If the current rates of overfishing continue, our grandkids will probably look back with a mix of anger and bafflement at the fact that you could readily order up bluefish tuna or red snapper at your local sushi restaurant. In fact one major studied showed that if overfishing continues unabated, we might have no fish stocks at all by 2050.

But seafood eaters don’t have to abstain–there are actually dozens of species that are (currently, anyway) fished at sustainable levels. The problem is that it’s a nightmare to keep your haddock straight from your arctic char. Which makes this guide, designed by Always with Honor for GOOD, particularly useful:

The fish species are drawn from the Seafood Watch lists created by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which distributes its own series of Pocket Guides that can be downloaded as .pdf files.

The pocket guides are less visually literate than these graphics, although no less well organized by region. Always with Honor has also created breakout for the different regions of the U.S.:

Obviously, in terms of usefulness, this thing falls well short of the printable food calendar we posted recently. But it’s a good start. See the full-sized version here. CK