WANTED: Joule iPad Stand


The Joule is a solid aluminum unibody stand, made from similar manufacturing processes as the iPad itself, says Gizmodo. It’s extremely simple: a cylinder to hold the iPad, and an adjustable arm to change the viewing angle. But it’s the beautiful, simple design that matches so well with the iPad that makes me really want this thing (and I don’t even own an iPad).

The crevasse that holds the iPad (in either landscape or portrait style) is velvet-lined to protect the tablet’s edge and has a little semicircular cutout so you can still reach the home button. The “foot” that allows the viewing angle to be adjusted is actually attached magnetically, and both it and the main holder have rubber feet for stability and surface protection (wouldn’t want it scratching up a glass coffee table!).

And lest you think this is just a luxury item, remember that the iPad is not the easiest device to hold, especially given its myriad uses. This stand is useful for watching movies, or browsing Epicurious recipes via iPad on the kitchen counter while you prepare a meal.

The Joule is available from Element Case for $130.DN