WorkerExpress, a Startup to Innovate Construction Labor, Launches at the Beta Trade Show

dschool worker express

WorkerExpress is a funded startup that is revolutionizing the construction labor market. We were founded by Pablo Fuentes, a Stanford Business School student, and Joe Mellin, an alum of the product design program. We are taking the LaunchPad class which has helped us refine our business idea. The space has been instrumental in helping us develop our business.


Our booth at the LaunchPad Beta Trade Show was built to showcase the hands-on nature of our business. We also wanted to highlight our value proposition to contractors and to workers. Contractors are able to look through individual profiles and sort by skill sets. In essence, they can know who they are hiring on a temporary basis, which is a big improvement over existing construction staffing agencies. Workers, on the other hand, get a face, a profile showing their work history and past reviews. Workers are also able to set their own wage, an innovative concept in construction staffing.

We also connect workers with improvement opportunities in areas such as language and construction skills by partnering with local community colleges and trade schools. We will be opening an office in San Francisco in the third week of May, and we are excited to grow this concept into a thriving business. 

— Pablo Fuentes is a member of the Class of 2010 at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Prior to WorkerExpress, Pablo worked in marketing, sales, and fundamental analysis in the finance industry.

–Joe Mellin is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate Design Program. Prior to WorkerExpress he was director of development at and worked in social ventures in India, Ghana and the Philippines.

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