This TV Will Cost You $550,000 (Bodyguard Sold Separately)

Panasonic 3D TV

Yesterday, at a corporate gathering in New York City, Panasonic showed off their latest plasma 3-D television–the biggest in the world, weighing in at 1,500 pounds and measuring 152 inches, crushing the last record the company held of 103 inches. But why stop at that monstrous size?

According to Jim Noecker, head of Panasonic’s business development for professional displays, it’s because this was the largest size that wouldn’t require multiple glass panels to cover the screen. And with its insane resolution of 4k by 2k, the TV is the equivalent of nine 50-inch displays, says Noecker.

“If you lay it on its back, you could probably see it from space,” he joked.

Hopefully that’s worth the half-a-million dollar price tag, as it also sets a record for being one of the most expensive televisions in the world, walloping the $140,000 Yalos diamond-encrusted 46″ TV, but trailing the $2.26 million Stuart Hughes’ PrestigeHD–which is coated in 28 kilograms of 18k rose gold, embossed with diamonds, and hand-sewn with alligator skin (i.e., not exactly a fair comparison).

While the displays are largely built-to-order, it’s unclear whether or not the television’s never-absent bodyguard (seen below and above) is included in the price.

Panasonic big TV