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iPad on wall

For anyone still thinking that the iPad is basically aglorified Kindle, think again: In this quicky video, Northern Californiafilmmaker Jesse Rosten shows the wildly transformative effect of mounting twostrips of Velcro on the back of an iPad.

Pop it on the dashboard, and itbecomes an easily navigable GPS or a movie player for bored kids; throw it up onthe wall, and it’s suddenly a chic digital photo frame, spewing out images ofyour and your sweetie. Attach it to the kitchen wall, and follow along as JamieOliver sears a pan full of fish steaks.

iPad in kitchen

When the iPad’s no longer beholdento the lap, it becomes clear that the device’s rich interaction design means itcould well replace most any device — digital or analog — in your home. Who knows: anApple-designed mounting plate could be the runaway hit of the summer — Steve and Jonny,are you listening?