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Infographic of the Day: The Best Visualization of the World Cup Matches

Simplicity is the key, in this infographic created by Mike Deal for Umbro.

Infographic of the Day: The Best Visualization of the World Cup Matches

We’ve seen a flurry of World Cup visualizations purporting to show how a given match went down. Frankly, they’ve all been pretty weak–almost always way too complex to actually give you any sense of a match’s dynamics.

Which is where this infographic by FastCompany.com contributor Michael Deal, gets things right.

With a minimum amount of data, it gives you a sense of how a match unfolded. Created for the soccer brand Umbro, the chart shows each and every match from the first round. For each match, the green bars show completed passes, blue triangles show shots attempted, and the red dots show goals scored. That’s it.

But if you think about the data a little bit, you can actually infer quite a lot. For example, in the Argentina/Nigeria match above, you can see that Argentina controlled the ball during the entire match, passing superbly and raining shots with regularity. Nigeria capitalized on what few possessions they had, but the early goal by Argentina proved decisive because neither team mustered much accuracy. That’s probably enough to form an intelligent bet amongst your friends, right?

Here’s what the entire chart looks like:

To see it in full-size, check out Umbro’s blog. Eventually, Deal will create charts illustrating all of the matches in each round.

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