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Eye Candy: Nike's World Cup "Stadium"

Nike creates a pop-up store for watching World Cup matches.

Eye Candy: Nike's World Cup "Stadium"

Maybe Adidas is winning the buzz war with Nike during this summer's World Cup. But Nike certainly is trying, with everything from an interactive skyscraper projection to a World Cup pop-up "stadium" installed on New York's Lower East Side.

Stadium NYC, designed by architect Rafael de Cárdenas, is a temporary space that will stay up through the fall. The walls and furniture are made of humble Peg-Board. Seating comes from "modular cells," whose form is echoed by the flashy, fluorescent paint job on the floor. (Which itself is supposed to evoke the "dynamism" of a soccer pitch, covered in swarms of sprinting players.) The cells can be rearranged for viewing events—the space is being programmed with a slate of art installations, games, and viewing parties for the matches.

According to de Cárdenas, ""We began with a soccer field as a visual start and rotated it, revolved it and replicated it until we eventually came up with a unique pattern...The design allows for people to move the triangular shapes and customize their own experience at stadium."