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Infographic of the Day: PTSD's Grim Toll At Home

A look at the murders committed by Iraq and Afghanistan vets returning from war.

Infographic of the Day: PTSD's Grim Toll At Home

It's no secret that post-traumatic stress disorder has ravaged the lives of troops returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in ways that range from subtle to catastrophic. But there may be no more stark example of the disease's effects than the violent crimes committed by soldiers returning home, which is the subject of a documentary, War Crimes, which airs tonight on Current TV at 10 p.m.

Coinciding with the show, GOOD and have created an infographic of the 43 murders committed by veterans since 2008.

Obviously, the graphic doesn't prove these these crimes were committed in direct relation to PTSD—but the link between domestic violence and PTSD has been well-documented. If those links hold in these cases, then the graphic reveals a grim truth about PTSD: The ones who suffer the most danger are frequently those closest to the soldier, ranging from wives to girlfriends to pastors—in other words, the very ones who ordinarily would provide comfort and a sense of place. And that fact underscores just why it is that PTSD is so hard to treat effectively.

Check out the full-sized version here.