• 07.08.10

Augmented Reality: The Nightmare Scenario

Might AR be used to bring ads and branding into our personal space, in ways never before possible? Who would stand for that?

Augmented Reality: The Nightmare Scenario


We’ve been just as crazy about covering the rise of augmented reality as anyone else–but we haven’t yet seen too many examples of just how terrifying a world filled with AR could become.

Architecture student Keiichi Matsuda took it upon himself to imagine just such a future, in this video:

Could something like this come to pass? You want to say: No way!

But then again, maybe it could: Would you trade off real-estate in your personal field of vision, in exchange for free stuff? While it’s easy to say that the average person would never stand for so much branding and advertising in their lives, it’s just as easy to point out that the media saturated world of today was unimaginable fifty years ago. Future generations might have a tolerance for ever-present ads that would dwarf our own, if companies offer the right incentives.

I just threw up in my mouth. Welcome to the future, Consumer!

[Data Driven via Flowing Data]

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