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Eye Candy: The History of the Universe Writ Small

A charming animated short about the rise (and fall) of life on earth.

Eye Candy: The History of the Universe Writ Small

Almost 14 billion years ago came the Big Bang and then life on earth — prokaryotes and the like — and somehow, we managed to climb out of the primordial soup and evolve to such a degree that a human could summarize billions of years of history in a series of paintings captured on in a 10-minute stop-motion video.

Big Bang Big Boom is a short animation that the artist Blu — a sort of Italian Banksy — bills as an "unscientific story" about the rise and fall of life on earth. He made it by frescoing pictures on assorted urban surfaces (walls, bridges, cars, etc.), then photographing the images and pasted them together to create the muralist's equivalent of a freeze-frame film.

It's waaaaaaay more fun than anything you learned in On The Origin of Species and infinitely more accurate than anything you might've read in Of Pandas and People. Make sure to watch the whole thing, so you know how the world ends. Hint: We all die.

[Via New Scientist]