Robotic Sculptures as Neurotic as Woody Allen

Robotic Sculptures as Neurotic as Woody Allen

Inching us ever closer to the uncanny valley of indistinguishability between robots and humans, Nobu Nakaguchi has come up with a way to make inanimate objects ham it up like people.

By mapping various traits onto kinetic sculptures, Nakaguchi, a grad student in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU’s Tisch School of Arts, has produced robots capable of displaying all-too-human behaviors. They rustle, they flail, they all but talk smack behind your back. As Nakaguchi tells it, Kinetic Memory Triggers is “designed to trigger memorable moments through movement, materiality, and sound.”

For sure. This one reminds us of being 12 all over again:

This one might as well be a clip from Triumph of the Will“:

Here’s a sculpture designed to conjure up attention whores:

Another redolent of nurturing:

And this one is meant to depict passive-aggressiveness:

Considering that the sculptures were inspired by “people who have been personally influential” to the designer, that, in itself, is the finest monument to passive aggressiveness we can imagine.

For another, similar take on this idea, check out Adam Lassy’s robotic Ikea furniture, which sometimes acts like a horny house pet.

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