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Gadgets That React to Danger Like You Do

ChambersJudd imagines an alternate history in which famed British naturalist David Attenborough designs products.

Gadgets That React to Danger Like You Do
Electronics that automatically react like a person would to a life-threatening event? Sounds an impressive idea, which is probably why U.K.-based designers ChambersJudd ran with it with their Attenborough line of re-engineered gizmos.

The full name is The Attenborough Design Group, based on a notional alternative history of the world where famed British naturalist David Attenborough (brother to film-maker and star Richard) became a designer instead of creating beautiful and dramatic nature documentaries. You can rarely credit David with anthropormorphising the animals he illustrates in his TV shows, but ChambersJudd have imagined that if he'd gotten into product design, he'd have given his gadgety creations some very human-like reactions.

Witness: The Antitouch Lamp, a halogen lamp that leans away when you get too close to touch it—which could potentially shorten its useful life as your greasy fingerprints damage the super-hot bulb unit. Or a disk drive that leaps to its toes to avoid liquid-damage when you spill coffee on your desk. There's also the Geshundeit radio that "sneezes" a puff of air occasionally through two "nostrils" via pressure from a bellows system ... to prevent dust building up on the electronics, with potential static-electric damaging effects.


Next up from ChambersJudd, more anthropomorphising design—this time with devices that act as surrogate victims of physical abuse, like the Stranglepoise lamp. It's dubbed "Red Goods" though, not the "Rihanna Exhibition."