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Wanted: Beds For Super-Stylish Pups and Kitties

If you've got a Cassina couch and a Vitra coffee table, would you really get a dog bed from

Wanted: Beds For Super-Stylish Pups and Kitties

Over here at Co.Design, we're dog people. We're also design freaks. Which puts us in a bind when shopping for stuff for our dog. Finally, Muovo, a tiny Finnish company, has heard our plight, and produced what might be the best-looking set of dog beds on the market. (Fine: They'd also suit cats as well. Especially the tall ones.)

What's best, you can buy these right now in the U.S., via the Finnish Design Shop. At $189, they're quite spendy. Then again, what's the point of buying nice furniture if you've got a ratty dog crate in the corner. (We do.)