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Almost Genius: Cleaning Products Where You Just Add Water

A new approach to household cleansers puts the essential ingredients on the shelf and lets your sink do the rest.

Almost Genius: Cleaning Products Where You Just Add Water

A lot of companies have been improving their environmental records by increasing the concentration of their household cleaners, but even a bottle of triple-concentrated detergent is mostly water. iQ, by Planet People, does away with the water and provides just the cleaning agents and the bottle?when the product comes home, the bottle is filled from the tap. Like Kool-Aid for cleaning.

iQ currently makes four products, all of which come in a bottle of identical design. When the bottle runs dry, instead of tossing it and buying a new one, it can be fitted with a fresh cartridge and refilled with tap water. Because the company produces fewer bottles and avoids the cost of freighting water around the country, iQ cleaners have a lower pricetag?allegedly 25% less?than average offerings. And they save massive amounts of fuel in transportation, because the actual product is so might lighter and smaller.

While we’re probably better off without just-add-water concentrated beverages, when it comes to non-ingestible solutions, this one seems so obvious it’s hard to believe it’s not the norm.