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Behold, the Giant Lawn Sofa

Now you can be a couch-potato while nominally getting out the house.

Behold, the Giant Lawn Sofa

The Brits have come up with a clever way to get its tubby, pasty, spectacularly lazy masses out of the house and into the fresh air, without ever leaving the comfort of the couch. Behold: The giant lawn sofa.

This grassy behemoth is one of almost a dozen “open-air sitting rooms” that’ve sprouted up around the British Isles, from London to Plas Newydd, Wales, as part of the National Trust‘s effort to lure families outdoors. Apparently, the British are becoming more American every day; as the Trust tells it, the average family spends up to 43 hours a week on its sofa in the summer. So, anything to get them outside–even if it’s more sitting–is a good thing.

The Trust made 10 small sofas, one huge 26-foot sofa, and matching coffee tables (for your tea, natch). They had designated “grass sofa builders,” who grew the furniture out of hay and turf, after sit-testing several other materials — a process that apparently produced “a fair few sore bottoms.” (We read that the totally wrong way at first.) Learn more about the process here.

Growing outdoor furniture is, of course, nothing new. Grass couches in particular are a favorite among DIYers with a penchant for Edward Scissorhands. But this is definitely the first we’ve seen that’s trying to shape human behavior. Better leave the crisps and fizzy at home.

[Via NOTCOT.org]

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