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Infographic of the Day: Twitter Conversations, Mapped in the Real World

On Twitter, with so many conversations flying through the ether, it's all too easy to forget that tweets issue from real people, in real places.

But Christian Marc Schmidt & Liangjie Xia have flipped Twitter on its head, by creating an interface that allows you to navigate tweets on a map.

The program works like a topological map; the higher the elevation in an area, the more tweets are being sent from there. The idea, according to the creators, is to create what amounts to a new type of space, that's halfway virtual and halfway real:

Invisible Cities maps information from one realm?online social networks?to another: an immersive, three dimensional space. In doing so, the piece creates a parallel experience to the physical urban environment.

In other words: Kind of a cool thing to get you started in the morning. And maybe, in the future, a neat way to see what your actual neighbors are saying to their virtual friends across the globe. Click here to follow the project as it evolves—and get notified when the free download is available.

[Via Creative Applications]