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Little Black E-Dress, Perfect for Hacker Sexpots

Usually, the dress is opaque, but when anyone approaches the wearer, things get racy.

Little Black E-Dress, Perfect for Hacker Sexpots

It’s the fantasy of every 16-year-old boy who knows his way around World of Warcraft: a strappy, high-tech teddy that flashes a girl’s bits whenever she inches close. Hawt.

The Intimacy Black dress by Dutch techie-art fashionistas Anouk Wipprecht, Daan Roosegaarde (whom we’ve written about before), and V2_ Lab, might not have the obvious sex appeal of black lace. (It looks more like a shredded balloon to us.) But it’s definitely NSFW.

The black bands are made of conductive “smart foil” that turns transparent when exposed to electricity. When heat sensors embedded in the dress detect bodies nearby, they send a jolt that renders the dress see-through. The sensors also react to light; snap a flash photo, and the bands disappear faster than you can say lady Dranei.

Hey dork: Stop drooling on our post!

The dress is part of a larger series of lusty high-tech garb, and the point, the artists say, is to get at the “relation between technology and intimacy in our contemporary technology-driven society.” Is it that? Or is it just combining the world’s oldest fetish (women) with the newest (digital tech)? If it’s really about intimacy, let’s make it equal opportunity. We’ll look out for the Intimacy Black boxer shorts.

[Via Fashioning Technology]

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