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Uh, Wanted? Creepy Face-Distorting Jewelry for the Lady Gaga Age

It's something we've all known since the dawn of the hemp choker: Jewelry can actually make you uglier.

Case in point: Burcu Büyükünal's face-distorting pendants. These creepy curios make smooth cheeks look like they've undergone botched reconstructive surgery and twist perfectly symmetrical lips into a happy-frown a la Abe Lincoln. The conceit is that nothing's sexier than a woman not wanting to ooze sexiness. Call it bling for the Lady Gaga age.

The question, of course, is whether people will actually buy this stuff. We're guessing some art-minded youngbloods will cotton to the idea of evoking one of the Joker's human canvases for spectacle's sake. And maybe the same instinct that led legions of 14-year-olds to ram rings through their septa back in the needle-happy ?90s will reemerge here. But a Tiffany box, it ain't. Even Lady Gaga likes her diamonds.

[Via Today and Tomorrow; photos (apparently?) by Arthur Hash]