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Infographic of the Day: Your Own Foursquare History Visualized

Where on earth have you been?

Infographic of the Day: Your Own Foursquare History Visualized

Are you a Foursquare freak? And a data nerd? Then congratulations! WeePlaces is a nifty Web app that lets you visualize your entire Foursquare history as a timelapse video. All you have to do is log in to Foursquare via WeePlaces, and it automatically scrapes that data and creates your very own map:

If you check-in to a place more than once, that's noted on the map with a number counter. You can also click on each point, to see all the details of the locale. And you can even add your friends, to see where they've been going; soon, the app will allow you to overlay their activity with yours.

The app was created in just one frantic weekend to illustrate the potential power of the Foursquare API, which unlike say or Twitter hasn't attracted much infographics buzz. That's a shame, as the video above suggests.

WeePlaces was created by Movity, a startup that's applying data viz to real estate. And if the the visual style of the map looks familiar, that's because one its creators, Sha Hwang, previously designed this superb visualization of NYC subway ridership and this income map of the city. Until recently, Hwang was a designer at Stamen; today, he's broken off and helped found Movity.