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First Look: Ross Lovegrove's New Bike for Biomega

An exclusive sneak peek at two beautiful new bikes.

First Look: Ross Lovegrove's New Bike for Biomega

Biomega has given Co.Design an exclusive sneak peak at their two newest bikes, which will be publicly unveiled late next month, at the Eurobike and Interbike tradeshows. The showstopper: A stunning new bike by design titan Ross Lovegrove, called the LDN.

"LDN" of course stands for London, Lovegrove's hometown; the bike itself is wholly befitting a man known as "Captain Organic." The frame was inspired by a wishbone, and links all the components and wheels with a minimum of materials. It's made of carbon fiber sheets, and there's a hole in the down-tube, which allows it to be hung from the wall and displayed like a showcase sculpture. You'll also notice that there's no chain—rather, the bike has a shaft drive.

The new goodies from Biomega don't end there: They also revealed the new NYC bike, designed by KiBiSi—a firm co-founded by Biomega's founder, Jens Martin Skibsted, the starchitect Bjarke Ingels, and Lars Holme Larsen. (They also recently designed the Terrafugia flying car.)

The NYC bike has a grease-less, utterly silent belt drive; that lump you see on aluminum frame's downtube is an integrated mud guard.

The NYC bike will be available next spring; the LDN bike is available by custom order. Raid the piggy bank. If that falls short, maybe rob a real bank?