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Wanted: Beautiful Rings, Made With Lasers and 3-D Computer Models

A brand new line by Brooklyn-based duo Silva/Bradshaw.

Wanted: Beautiful Rings, Made With Lasers and 3-D Computer Models

Fresh from the New York Gift Fair, hyper-talented design-duo Silva/Bradshaw has shared with us their newest wares: A line of rings, which look painstakingly crafted, are actually made using cutting-edge modern manufacturing. And imagine this: they're affordable, with prices starting at $24 (although ranging up to $600 for the largest pieces in 14k gold).

The ring below (from $35; $155 as pictured) was designed, by necessity, on a computer. It began as a 3-D model of a one-inch sphere; then, Silva/Bradshaw—which is Sergio Silva and Matthew Bradshaw—drilled virtual holes into the sphere. Three of them, in fact, so that every single ring has three different sizes built right into it—to adjust the size, you just slip your finger through another hole. The final product was created in metal on a water-jet cutter—a computerized drill that instead of a bit, uses a super-high pressure mixture of water and abrasives, such as sand.

Water-jet cutters were first used in aerospace engineering and mining, among other places, but tech has advanced to allow fabrication of super small parts—including gorgeous little rings.

These rings, meanwhile, were made in nylon, via selective laser sintering (SLS), whereby a laser is used to fuse powdered nylon into a solid shape. So while they look like they'd crack apart at the slightest pressure, they're actually bendy and super resilient. The felted finish is actually generated directly by the SLS machine ($24 as pictured):

The Tools line of rings and pendants, which were also made on a water-jet cutter ($89 as pictured):

Shift, a series of rings whose curves would couldn't have been so precise and sinuous without computer-aided design ($25 and $94 as pictured):

And finally, the Torus ring ($34 as pictured):

The rings can already be ordered now, directly from the designers, and they'll be stocked in a range of design stores in the coming months. Check out the site for a range of colors and finishes.