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Wanted: Puma's Ultracool Cargo Bike

Cargo bikes attempt to move in on a cooler set of customers.

Wanted: Puma's Ultracool Cargo Bike

Fresh off a new line of city bikes, Puma has announced another addition to the line-up: The Mopion, a heavy-duty cargo bike that aims for a hipper audience than anarchists in food co-ops and ladies with hairy pits.

I kid, I kid! But seriously, even the proponents of cargo bikes call them the SUV's of the bike world. And just like real SUV's, as the market has grown — and urban cycling has become hip among moms whose toddlers wear skinny jeans — the offerings are getting steadily sexier, and can be bought at high-fashion bike outlets such as Adeline Adeline.

Dutch cargo bikes, for example, have been the long-running cargo-bike equivalent of Range Rover, with bikes similar to these range upwards of $3,000:

[A custom job by Portland company Joe Bikes]

[Image via Tall Chicks on Dutch Bikes]

But clearly, the market has never had a cargo bike geared less towards the ladies who lunch with fellow models, and more towards dudes that have to pack up the fixed-gear bike because they got their bandmate's girlfriend pregnant.

The Mopion is for them! Designed by KiBiSi and Biomega, it's named after an island in the Atlantic — the idea being to combine Euro and American values. (Or something?) At about 49 pounds, it's relatively light for a cargo bike, thanks to an aluminum frame that you'll notice bears a lot of resemblance to Puma's other bikes, which just recently went on sale.

The Mopion will be formally unveiled this month at tradeshows; it'll be on the market about nine months from now. Just in time for the baby.

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