A Brilliant Touchpad Mouse for Touching Yourself [SFW Video]

Famous designers love doing vibrators. Designing them, we mean! Tom Dixon, Arik Levy, Marc Newson, Yves Béhar: They’ve all dabbled in the sex-toy biz, and sure, it sounds a touch gimmicky — a vanity project for the designer, a cash cow for the manufacturer — but it actually makes a lot of sense. This is your most intimate object. Anyone who can make a floor cleaner sexy can easily make silicone sexy.

So Béhar and Jimmyjane, a year after giving the lonely-hearted world his first vibrator, FORM 2, is back with FORM 3. It’s a terrifically clever little gadget, an amorphous silicone thing that eschews the usual knots and bulges weirdly promising “double the fun,” and instead ‘puts pleasure,’ as the press release tells it, “at your fingertips.” Think of it less as a probe for poking and prodding, and more of “your hand with superpowers.”

The key is a flexy membrane at the center of the vibrator. Just press it with your fingertip, and apply as much or as little pressure as you want wherever you want it. It works like an extension of your own digit — only it vibrates. In four modes. On any of five power levels. Sweet Jesus, is it hot in here? A demo:

Béhar created FORM 3 for the high-design sex depot Jimmyjane along with company founder Ethan Imboden. The pair collaborated on FORM 2, as well. Like its forebear, the new vibrator is waterproof and lasts a whopping seven hours before you have to charge it up. One drawback: At $145, it doesn’t — excuse the pun — come cheap. You can buy it here.

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