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Artist Turns Ikea Junk Into Firestarting Kit [Video]

It's the fantasy of anyone who's ever bought an Ikea couch so uncomfortable it feels like sitting on a Judas cradle: Burn it. Burn it all to hell.

A slightly less destructive way to enjoy Ikea aflame comes courtesy of Dutch artist Helmut Smits. A while back Smits noticed that the Swedish furniture chain doesn't sell matches or lighters (incredibly), so he set out to make fire from scratch — using only Ikea products. He filmed his Boy Scout handiwork here, which throws together everything from a BUMERANG (hanger) and a HUTTEN (wine rack) to an IKEA365+ (knife) and some TAT (rope). He calls it, wonderfully, FLAMMA:

Kinda hilarious, right? Ikea (along with Walmart) probably represents the cutting edge of global supply chains in the early 21st century. And mankind came out of the trees thanks to fire. It seems perfectly apt that Smits has closed the circle.

Bonus: now you know what to do next time you're trapped in an Ikea in the dead of winter, and the heat's shut off. Or, if you're just feeling especially mad about that God-awful Klobo loveseat.

[Via Core77]