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The Same Process That Gives Tropical Fish Spots Creates These Lamps

The latest from Boston jewelry designers Nervous System

Last year, we introduced you to Nervous System, the Boston design pair prettying up necks, wrists, and fingers everywhere with naturey jewelry based on un-naturey computer algorithms. Now, drawing on the same techniques, Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg have turned their hand to housewares, and the results are stunning.

The lamps you see here take their inspiration from the sea. Rosenkrantz and Louis-Rosenberg designed them by digitally simulating the chemical process that gives tropical fish (and zebras, among other animals) their glorious spots. (More on that process, called reaction diffusion, at Discover magazine's blog.) The lamps are then manufactured through rapid-prototyping.

[Real coral]

Spiral (below) along with several other pendants are on view at the hipster home furnishings shop/ art space Rare Device in San Francisco, through October 10, as part of a show about Nervous System's new work. For deets, see here. For more coverage of beautiful computer-generated design see here and here.

[Images via Flickr]

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