• 09.14.10

Using iPad as a Brush, to Create Time-Lapse Light Paintings [Video]

A beautiful experiment by BERG.

Using iPad as a Brush, to Create Time-Lapse Light Paintings [Video]

We’ve written about 3-D typography. We’ve written about light painting. Let’s combine the two in one post, shall we?


The super-rad interface designers BERG — best known for created the Popular Science iPad app — were asked by creative agency Dentsu to create an expression of the role of glowing, rectangular displays in our lives.

But rather than creating some movingly sound-tracked paean to our smartphones, they came up with a funky idea: Using iPad to create 3-D, time-lapse drawings.

First, they created a 3-D font for iPad, which scrolls across the screen in tiny, cross-sections. (Imagine taking a CAT scan of a 3-D object.) Thus, by waving the iPad around while taking 3-6 second long photos, they created ghostly 3-D light drawings that look like the special effects from a 1980s sci-fi flick.


But that was only the first two steps. To make each one of those time-lapse light paintings into the full-blown video you see above, they combined almost 3,000 images to create a stop-motion animation.

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