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The Frightening Beauty of the Gulf Oil Disaster

A new exhibit of Edward Burtynsky's photographs of the BP spill opens tomorrow.

The Frightening Beauty of the Gulf Oil Disaster

Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky is most famous for his arresting images of oil consumption, compiled in the excellent book OIL (which we wrote about earlier this year). It was only natural, then, that he would turn his lens on Deepwater Horizon, the biggest accidental oil spill in history.

A set of aerial photographs documenting the disaster goes on view tomorrow at Nicholas Metivier Gallery, in Toronto. It makes for a haunting narrative of both the devastation and the higgledy-piggledy cleanup effort, capturing everything from slicks marbleizing at riptide (above) to oil skimmers looking like blips in the vast, polluted sea (directly below). Without further ado:

The exhibit, which also has images of of shipyards in Bangladesh, is open through Oct. 9. For more info, go here.