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Eye Candy: Pink Pavilion Moves Like a Shimmering Sequined Skirt [Video]

The latest temporary wackiness from the scrappy young architects SO-IL

Eye Candy: Pink Pavilion Moves Like a Shimmering Sequined Skirt [Video]

SO-IL, the married couple familiar to design nerds everywhere as the scrappy architects who gave Queens — and the world — a first glimpse of high-brow pole dancing, has unveiled its latest project: a shiny pink pavilion that shimmies with the wind.

The temporary pavilion was designed to be the main event space for the art festival Get It Louder, currently in Beijing and soon traveling to Shanghai. Built in just four days, it’s made of thousands of tinted metallic shingles, each attached to the base structure in one place so the rest is free to flap about. The whole thing looks like a cross between the Chicago bean and a giant Barbie dollhouse, only with dance moves. See here:

It’s another big break for SO-IL, which has turned itself into an architectural poster child of sorts for the recession, deftly throwing together cheap materials on tight budgets and still, somehow, managing to wow. The pair scored an upset earlier this year when they beat out Danish powerhouse Bjarke Ingels Group in the prestigious MoMA/ P.S. 1 Young Architects Program, then proceeded to turn P.S. 1’s courtyard into a pole-filled, yoga ball-bouncing, acrobatic strip club. They also figured in the recent Sukkah City competition with a highly portable structure composed of poles, mesh, and foliage.

The Get It Louder pavilion is yet another example of their crafty approach to temporary architecture, but it prompts the question: Is SO-IL doomed to make stuff that doesn’t last? SO-IL partner Florian Idenburg reckons not. “[T]his kind of project can also offer a perfect testing ground for larger scale work,” he writes. “Temporary projects require a particular mindset. You have to quickly grasp the local condition and provide a lean and elemental solution that provides a sense of specificity” a fleeting mark?even if only for an instant.?

[Images by Iwan Baan, courtesy of SO-IL]

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