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Ladybugs in Outerspace: Quixotic New Interiors from Simone Micheli

Micheli shows us his “post-organic” world.

Ladybugs in Outerspace: Quixotic New Interiors from Simone Micheli

The Italian architect Simone Micheli has sent us images of his wacky new concept work for a recent design expo. They include: a sexy, spacey hotel (below) and a residential interior done up to look like it’s infested with ladybugs. Complete with fake plants on the walls!

The ladybug rooms were designed for a futuristic green residential tower on the sea, and the hotel was designed as part of a redevelopment scheme in Italy’s Brianza region (near Milan). Micheli staged both projects at Abitare il Tempo 2010, an interior decorating fair in Verona last month.

The ladybugs are supposed to echo the environmental merits of the building for what the press materials call a “post-organic” aesthetic. Is it just us, or do the ladybugs suddenly look like they might eat humans for breakfast”

The hotel:

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[Images by Juergen Eheim, courtesy of Simone Micheli]

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