Infographic: How Big is One Million?

Everyday, our brains are assaulted with ridiculously large numbers — just watch cable news, and take a drink every time you hear “billion” or “trillion.” You’d have to get your stomach pumped by 8am. And you’d forget the sheer size of a paltry one million.

One Million can help. Originally written in 1970, it’s a reissue of a famous book by New Yorker editor and lead political commentator Hendrick Hertzberg. This time, it’s been redesigned by Think Studio. The book has 200 pages, each with 5,000 dots on it. But every so often, one dot in particular gets called out for it’s significance.

While the design is exactly what it should be for a book like this, Hertzberg’s droll, elegant observations (a style that’ll be familiar to anyone who reads him regularly) are what make this book a one-in-a-million.

It’s on sale now for $10 at Amazon, and it remains a classic of the burgeoning infographic-book genre.CK