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Wanted: A Skewed Watch for Sneaking Peeks at the Time

Available now from Areaware and the MoMA Design Store.

Wanted: A Skewed Watch for Sneaking Peeks at the Time

We never thought about it before, but looking at a watch is kinda labor intensive. You have cock your head to the side and throw your forearm into your body, like you're about to march — a lot of work just to tell someone it's 4 p.m. We're lazier than that, dammit!

A clever new watch by New York product designer Eric Janssen makes things way easier. It rotates the dial 30 degrees clockwise to align with your natural field of vision. So to read the time, you just stretch out your arm, and where you'd normally see 1 o?clock, you see 12; no chicken elbows required. Which sounds confusing, except that a four-quadrant grid orients the face like a compass. A palette of orange, white, and black make the hands pop.

But seriously. Haven't you ever been so bored in a social setting that you can't wait to get away? But you can't look at your watch without being totally rude? This solves that problem completely!

The Off-Axis Watch is available at Areaware and the MoMA Design Store in stores and, for all you resolute idlers, online. It retails for $175.