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Holy Craft! Etsy’s HQ is Handmade Haven

Working at Etsy, the eBay of crafty maker types, is like sitting in on the world’s largest knitting circle.

Holy Craft! Etsy’s HQ is Handmade Haven

Etsy, the eBay for PBR-drinking Michaels freaks, moved into new headquarters recently, and, naturally, the place is a monument to handicraft.

Almost all the decor, from the over-sized tree lamps (up top) to the “TELEPHONE” telephone booth (below), is the work of DIYers who flog their wares on Etsy.

The space takes up a 9,000-square-foot loft in Brooklyn’s DUMBO district. Designed by Hangar Design Group Architecture, it’s both a billboard to the company and a gesture of thanks to the maker community that has transformed Etsy from a scrappy startup into an estimated $100 million business.

Etsy holds “craft night” here:

All the desks are handmade. Note: the PBR sticker-emblazoned mini fridge

Overkill? A bit. It’d be like if Twitter covered its offices in birds. Oh, wait! They already did.

[Images by Ty Cole courtesy of Hangar Design Group]

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