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A Sofa for Surviving the Great Flood

The latest furniture piece from the Danish product-design supergroup KiBiSi conjures images of sandbags and survivalists.

A Sofa for Surviving the Great Flood

A sofa, at its most primitive, is nothing but a pile of pillows. And if you replace the pillows with cushions that look like sandbags? You might get something like the Brick sofa — which evokes a a makeshift flood wall, a soldier's foxhole, or a survivalist bunker. It's the latest work from KiBiSi, the Danish product-design powerhouse co-helmed by the architect Bjarke Ingels, a 2010 Master of Design.

[Oops! How'd this pic sneak in here?]

The Brick series consists of cushions stacked atop each other, and includes a pouf, a chair, and a pair of couches. Even though it looks sturdy enough to withstand the coming apocalypse, it's built to be a mass of cozy, cushy softness. As Ingels says in press materials: "What is a sofa but a pile of pillows for maximum comfort?"

The story behind the line is that Ingels couldn't find a decent "architect's sofa" for his apartment, so he and his partners at KiBiSi —Jens Martin Skibsted and Lars Holme Larsen — set out to make their own. To that end, Brick is designed with an eye toward the built environment. Per the press release: "The point of departure was a classic brick bond forming the cushion pattern. The cushions are tied together and fixed with a tailor quality button. The button, also designed by KiBiSi, is molded of fiber concrete " Yet another architectural reference.?

The collection is available through the new Scandinavian design brand Versus. For more info, visit KiBiSi's Web site here. For more coverage of KiBiSi, go here.

[Images courtesy of KiBiSi; image of sandbags by Chuck Simmins]