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Sculpture That Darts and Shimmers Like a School of Fish

By the excellent British studio Troika

Sculpture That Darts and Shimmers Like a School of Fish

We've got some nice Friday afternoon eye candy for you here from the wildly talented British art and design studio Troika. Their latest installation, suspended from the ceiling of a waterfront building in Toronto, is a school of abstract fish that looks like it's ready to swim off into Lake Ontario.

The sculpture has 467 iridescent acrylic objects that spin electronically on individual axes, mimicking the gentle darting motion of shoaling fish. The thing is so pretty and relaxing, we could watch it all day. Think of it as the visual equivalent of whale music (only you don't have to feel embarrassed about liking it).

Troika has done lots of lovely work: a digital sculpture made of flip-dots at Heathrow's Terminal 5; a palindromical sign for the V&A; creepy photos of invented plants, etc. Have a look-see:

[Via Today and Tomorrow; images courtesy of Troika]