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Now on Sale: More Terrifying Masks Inspired by Apple's Webcam

The creator, Mark Pernice, is turning out a series of six, and selling copies via Kickstarter.

Now on Sale: More Terrifying Masks Inspired by Apple's Webcam

If you loved Mark Pernice's charmingly hideous mask, based on a pic taken by Apple's Photobooth app, then you're in luck: Pernice is now expanding into a full-blown series, and anyone who donates $500 to the project on Kickstarter gets a replica of one.

Over the summer, graphic designer Mark Pernice scored a runaway web hit with the masks, which we wrote about early on. So, after a wave of demand, Pernice has decided to make six more masks, working with his previous collaborator, F/X sculptor Christian Hanson. Pernice sent us a few of the effects he's considering for the new series, and they're truly, truly stomach-turning, if you imagine what they'll be like in real life:

Since the masks cost $750 each to make, he's turned to Kickstarter to fund the project; a $20 donation gets you a 16" x 24" poster, but $500 gets you an actual latex cast of one of the masks, in a single color of your choosing. The kicker? The highest pledge will get a custom mask of their own face.

Full disclosure: We're planning on donating. Too bad they won't be finished in time for Halloween.