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This Halloween, Enter a Computerized Art Garden From Hell

Who needs haunted houses when art collective Fishing For Compliments can creep you out with eerie interactive design?

This Halloween, Enter a Computerized Art Garden From Hell

Fishing For Compliments' new piece, "Nemore," is probably the creepiest piece of art we've seen in some time. It's a "garden" made of 36 flexible graphite poles that bend and twist around your body while emitting HAL-2000-esque drones as you tiptoe past. With its eerie sci-fi vibe and decor right out of the Saw movies, "Nemore" beats your cousin's cheesy DIY haunted house hands down.

Here's a glimpse of what it looks, sounds, and feels like:

Unlike the cheap thrills most of us will be indulging in this weekend, "Nemore" creates its vibe with high tech. Dual servo motors on each pole take care of the slithery motion, while a computer server mixes dozens of synthetic audio tones that sync with the poles. Fishing For Compliments wants you to feel as if you're mingling with "alien neighbors," and we think they've succeeded — although "alien neighbors that want to eat your soul" might be a tad more apt.

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