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Infographic of the Day

Why Designers Should Learn Programming. Now. [Video]

An enthusiastic call to arms from a prof at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program

So this isn't an infographic per se, but rather a video manifesto on why you oughta' learn programming (ie. so you can make your own damn infographics).

The 4-minute film features Daniel Shiffman, an assistant prof at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program and a dead ringer for Lewis Skolnick, waxing ecstatic about the boundless creative potential of a designer who knows her way around a little code. His argument:

[T]he rules of computation and algorithm can generate certain patterns and designs in really special and unique ways that you couldn't do by hand.


Think about information design and how you can effectively tell a story through data, whether we're looking at the oil spill or some historical information. ... Computation is a very important tool in terms of analyzing and also displaying data.

Watch the video for more, then get yourself a copy of Learning Processing, written by Shiffman himself.

[Via Flowing Data]

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