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Infographic of the Day: Clock Knits Time Into a Scarf

One Berlin-based designer dreams up a poetic (and crafty) way to tell time.

Infographic of the Day: Clock Knits Time Into a Scarf

This here’s a clock that knits time in 3-D.

We know, we know. It sounds like the stuff of some high-school kid’s nonsense poetry. But 365, as it’s called, is a real, live clock by Norwegian-born, Berlin-based designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen, and it’s actually pretty cool. For every day that passes, the clock knits a row; after a year, it whips up an entire 6.5-foot scarf. Think of it as if your granny hijacked the cuckoo clock with her knitting needles.

How it works: The machine’s face has a spool of yarn hooked up to a pair of needles that Wilhelmsen programmed using an Arduino board to knit a single mesh on the half hour. When the scarf reaches its full length, you just pop in a new spool.

So, no, it probably won’t help you keep appointments. But you’ll get a freakishly long scarf out of it. And ostensibly, you could program the thing to make all sorts of knitwear — a complete winter accessories collection, say, or entire ensembles for characters in Wes Anderson movies. It’ll only take five years to get there.

[Images by Miriam Lehnart courtesy of Siren Elise Wilhelmsen]

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