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Wanted: A Foldup, Transforming Lamp for Serial Movers

This eminently configurable lamp is great for people who move every six months — and those who move around their living rooms every six weeks.

Wanted: A Foldup, Transforming Lamp for Serial Movers

Twist is the perfect lamp for peripatetic types who live out of cardboard boxes. You can warp it, fold it, and stretch it to fit into just about any space, whether a moving van or your freakishly small apartment in Manhattan, and it'll work just the same.

The lamp was designed by Brussels-based Alain Berteau for the lighting company Aluci. It showed last month at Interieur Biennale in Belgium.

As DailyTonic reports, Twist comes as a kit. It has three Corian strips dotted in LEDs, three connecting bars, and a base; you can assemble the parts however you please.

We once moved six times — six times! — in 15 months and got so frustrated trying to stuff all our crap into a wretched old Pontiac Sunfire, we ended up tossing just about everything but the futon and our winter coat. This would've been exquisitely handy.

It's also great for furniture snobs. Twist is pretty enough to look like sculpture, and versatile enough to con finnicky design junkies, for whom rearranging the living room is something like Tantric sex, into thinking they've got 10 lamps in one.

They're doubtless the target customer, anyway. Twist ain't cheap: 800 Euros or about $1,100 a pop. A 300-Euro version made of wood is also in the works.

The lamp goes on sale at the end of the month. Check back on Aluci's Web site then.

[Via DailyTonic; images courtesy of Alain Berteau]