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Electrolux Molds Vacuum Cleaners Out of Ocean Trash

To raise awareness about ocean pollution, Electrolux manufactures its "Vac from the Sea" appliances with plastic debris.

Electrolux Molds Vacuum Cleaners Out of Ocean Trash

You've probably heard about those gigantic islands of plastic trash that accumulate out in the middle of the ocean. But what do we do about them? If you're Electrolux, you send some ships out to gather up the stuff and use it to make chic, eco-friendly vacuum cleaners.

Yup, you read that right: designer home appliances made from salvaged trash. Each vacuum incorporates ocean trash salvaged from a different body of water. The North Sea Edition, shown below, had its colorful outer shell molded out plastic collected off the coast of Sweden.

The designers cut the salvaged plastic into strips, punched out circular tokens and fused them to a fiberglass weave shaped like the vacuum cleaner. Here's what the original trash looks like, as well as the leftovers after the hole-punching process:

Not every design is as eye-poppingly loud as the North Sea model. This subtler one is coated with white plastic chips made out of styrofoam and discarded fishing gear found near the Phi Phi Islands in the Indian Ocean.

Since it's rather difficult to source this trash, Electrolux won't be making these models available for mass production and purchase. But if you're a deep-pocketed do-gooder, you may be in luck: After showing them off on tour (dates yet to be announced), Electrolux plans to auction off the vacuums with the proceeds going to pollution research.

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