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Hirsute Jewelry: Locks for Your Glasses and Ponytails for Your Wrists

Hair plus jewelry plus graphic design equals creepy. And totally awesome.

Hirsute Jewelry: Locks for Your Glasses and Ponytails for Your Wrists

High fashion has at last turned for inspiration to the floor of your barber shop. Dutch design student Iris van Daalen is making jewelry out of hair — bracelets, headpieces, epaulets, and the like.

Granted, the hair's synthetic. (Does that make it grosser? Like you're wearing someone else's weave? We're not sure.) And the idea here is less a celebration of hair than an attempt to control it. "I am irritated by the unruliness of hair," van Daalen tells us. "A bad hair day or a walk in the rain and there is nothing left. ... I want to capture hair in a new way."

[Who needs food when you have FASHION! Just kidding dude. But seriously, cigarettes aren't a food group.]

So she combined fake locks with plastic to make one-off pieces that package hair in a "flat and graphical" way. Ostensibly, that's supposed to be more appealing than natural frizz, except that in person, these things are a fright. We saw them at the graduation show of the Design Academy Eindhoven, where they debuted recently, and they looked like someone accidentally ironed the cat.

But we've seen stranger stuff, along the lines of post-human weirdness. Check what we mean here and here.

[Images by Lisa Klappe courtesy of Iris van Daalen]