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Wanted: Lomography's Analog Toycam Puts "Vintage" Camera Apps To Shame

The Sprocket Rocket camera from Lomography shoots arty lo-fi images and belongs in a museum itself.

Wanted: Lomography's Analog Toycam Puts "Vintage" Camera Apps To Shame

Smartphone camera apps that take "vintagey" photos have been getting a bad rap lately. But Lomography has been making analog cameras for years that produce the genuine article sans algorithms: dreamy, hypersaturated photos with all the unpredictable grain and lens flare you could desire. Their latest creation, the Sprocket Rocket, lets you take panoramic photos that bleed all the way out to the edges of the film itself, like so:

Try doing that with Hipstamatic on your iPhone. Here's a couple more images to bathe your eyeballs in:

The Sprocket Rocket creates these David Lynch-ey effects with two scrolling knobs that allow you to easily roll the film backwards and forwards in the camera for multiple exposures. And the ultra-wide angle lens projects your images over every millimeter of space on the film, including the 35mm sprocket holes (thus the name — get it?).

And just to give you more reason to lord it over your slave-to-digital friends, the Rocket includes pro-friendly features like a hot shoe for attaching a flash and a special shutter setting for capturing long or time-lapse exposures.

Of course, you won't be able to Facebook these analog creations very easily. But hey, even amateurs have to suffer for their art a little.

[Available now at for $89]