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Infographic of the Day

Infographic of the Day: Flying Sucks. Let Us Count the Ways

Nice data viz by Baltimore-based Colin Dunn breaks down the many ways air travel assaults our senses — and occasionally delights them. Wait, really?

Infographic of the Day: Flying Sucks. Let Us Count the Ways

Colin Dunn, a Baltimore-based graphic designer, has sent us a fun little infographic on what is objectively humanity's greatest shared misery. We refer, of course, to air travel.

[Click image for larger view]

The chart is a chronological map of the all-out sensory offensive passengers face from the moment they step on a plane to the moment they land. Dunn surveyed folks on a flight from Amsterdam to New York about which senses were piqued and when, plus the intensity of each stimulation and whether it was good or bad. (Somehow, not everything was bad.)

So finding a seat, per the infographic, is murder on your sense of touch. But landing's a visual feast. Visiting the lavatory, naturally, is not. And you don't even want to think about what it does to your nose.

All of which strikes us as pretty accurate. In some places, however, the data seems spectacularly off. Note how much pleasure everyone took from the meal. It smelled great, tasted great, and even looked great. Apparently the airline served a three-course dinner from La Coupole, wine pairings and all. Ha.

In truth, Dunn's sample size was crazy-small — just 11 people — so obviously, we can't take the infographic as Holy Writ. Still, he's come up with a nice way to visualize something most of us just want to complain inanely about. Here's hoping he makes one for the security line, too.

[Images courtesy of Colin Dunn]