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What Concert Halls Will Look Like... IN THE FUTURE!

The newly opened Eindhoven Concert Hall could be a design expo all on its own.

The ninth annual Dutch Design Week recently wrapped up in the Netherlands, and the celebration venue itself — the brand new Eindhoven Concert Hall — was the crown jewel. The futuristic interior departs from the monochromatic look of other haute-design concert halls: It looks like something Busby Berkeley would have dreamed up after a one night stand with that blue alien opera diva from The Fifth Element.

Niels Van Eijk & Miriam Van der Lubbe, in collaboration with Philips Design, designed every last bit of the structure, from its sweeping facade down to the staff's uniforms. In keeping with the high-tech atmosphere. They also furnished the hall with speaker-equipped "listening chairs" designed to insulate the sitter from outside distraction.

Visitors can also enjoy special loveseats that automatically dim the lighting when someone sits in them, creating a more intimate setting.

[Images courtesy of Niels Van Eijk & Miriam Van der Lubbe]